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Thank you so much, Vinnie! I think The Live Large Inner Circle was like robbing the bank, but without guilt!”
– aimounto (Forum name)

Dude! I just signed up to Live Large TV last week and I've been smashing through the early seasons trying to catch up. I'm not sure if you still check comments on these older episodes, but I just had to tell you how awesome this stuff is! I'm doing my fitness certification at the moment and I'm learning a hell of a lot more from these videos than I have from pages and pages of text book.”
–Roger Whatling

Hey Vince I just started watching Live Large TV and I'm not regretting it.”
– bananipap (Forum name)

So glad I signed up to The Live Large Inner Circle. So many great fitness packages out there – this one goes beyond the gym and that's why I'm here. Keep on rockin!”
heyroge (Forum name)

It's because of you and the Live Large Inner Circle I am thinking of signing up for a $100,000 body transformation contest and will be using your workout and nutrition programs and information.”
– Member survey feedback

It's really amazing all the secrets you're sharing here! Your sharing passion and drive make me want accomplish big goals too.”
- ihvh147 (Forum name)

Hey Vince, I'm playing catch up on Live Large TV episodes. I just finished watching season 3 twice. LOTS of information to write down. I'm very happy!”
– skilledvenom (Forum name)

Truly inspiring and informative. Great investment I made to get Live Large TV. Thrown money away on many programs and trainers and this membership pays me back every week!”
– Member survey feedback

Content is great, 'Worth Every Penny' bro. Can't wait for next episode!”
– Member survey feedback

For the value of the content, the weekly inspiration, keeping you focused, this membership is dirt cheap. I don't have a lot of disposable income and the benefits outweigh the nominal fee. Your videos are top quality, keep it up!”
– Member survey feedback

I really appreciate the tremendous value offered with Live Large TV alone. Keep up the good work buddy!”
– Terrence

This fifth is very well put together and just amazing content!”
- eric_taylor (Forum name)

Vince, the Season 5 main features with Chef Amy are amazing! This is the one thing I’ve always found missing from bodybuilding books/websites, cooking for bodybuilding. Thank you!
- ericliu45 (Forum name)